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Imagine if it were possible to compile, understand and use huge amounts of data without relying on direct human interference. Even better, in a way very close to what a collaborator of the highest competence would do. Yes, it’s possible to achieve this. How? Through the various applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

If you think this subject is way out of your league, think again. Today, 40% of companies in the country use this type of solution — and it is dangerous to be left behind.

To help you understand the importance of innovating in your business, we separate valuable information on the subject in this content. Follow!

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

Before envisioning the possibility of putting AI solutions into practice, it is important to know what they consist of. Essentially, the purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to develop technologies capable of simulating human attitudes based on logic. In other words, it means being able to use cognitive computing to your advantage on an ongoing basis — as AI works on a “self-learning” system.

Upon contacting data, the machine uses the knowledge obtained to feed hundreds of other connections made in real-time. Thus, it interacts with itself and builds standards in seconds, providing updated and constant information to managers about:

• Consumer behavior;

• Market movements;

• Competitive actions;

• Pains of the target audience;

• Fulfillment demands and much more.

All this while responding to stimuli the same way a human would. Complex, but extremely useful, right?

Why invest in the multiple applications of Artificial Intelligence?

It is not difficult to imagine how valuable Artificial Intelligence applications can be for the Intelligent Business Automation process, which is the automation of business operations.

This is because they act as an employee in constant learning, able to respond to customers and interested parties alone, outline their standards, improve their own service, generate more and more satisfaction, and streamline processes; all without needing years of training.

But if you still need other reasons to invest in this idea, we separate the three biggest ones – which put any management in a prominent position. Follow!

Accurate decision making

A quality leader needs to manage his team based on the right decisions. After all, he is the one who inspires, delegates, and organizes the company’s processes, so that the business takes off and increasingly meets the needs of a demanding, immediate, and suspicious public — especially in B2B.

But how to do this in an uncertain scenario, which changes very quickly and without accessing all the necessary data, since there is a lot of it and it is updated all the time? If you thought “with Artificial Intelligence”, you are right. This type of innovation came about precisely to imitate the neurological capacity of the human being, but with an infinitely greater speed.

Thus, the manager accesses data and reports that are always updated, which allows him to define the next steps to be taken with confidence, agility, and alignment with market demands.

Reduction of rework

Procedural bottlenecks and rework hinder the smooth running of processes. With the reliability brought by Artificial Intelligence applications, machines take on the most complex deliveries, with low margins of error. Thus, the team is able to focus on tasks that really require human interference, such as inside sales, after-sales, and support.

Ease of installation

There are those who still believe that tools that use AI are restricted to giant corporations or those who have millions to invest. But that is not true. In addition to being a simple technology to install, there are solutions that fit the budget of companies of all sizes, while delivering results that allow the investment to pay for itself in a short time.

What are the applications of Artificial Intelligence in companies?

Now that you know what it is, how it works, and what the three main advantages of AI are, it’s time to get to know some of its applications. Check out!

Personal assistant

Did you know that Siri, the famous assistant on Apple devices, is one of the Artificial Intelligence applications? It greatly facilitates the day-to-day running but does not need to be restricted to personal life. There are several solutions that act as corporate personal assistants.

Therefore, they schedule meetings, create reminders of important information, set up scripts, and anticipate potential routine problems. Everything is designed to make your day-to-day simple, agile, and automated.

Sales and marketing tool

Selling more and more and better depends on having the right strategies in hand, and both the sales and marketing teams can benefit from this! With the correct use of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to collect ready and reliable data in seconds about the public.

With this, teams tackle consumers’ pain points with ownership and position your company as a true provider of quality and value.


Ever heard of chatbots? They are famous for performing a self-service that reduces the contact steps between the customer and the human, directing the consumer to the correct sector — already with the right information in hand. Thus, those who serve already have information such as the customer’s history, the reason for contact, and the degree of satisfaction with the company.

Consequently, the chances of solving problems quickly or delivering the exact information that the consumer is looking for increase a lot, generating satisfaction.


No stopping the entire company to perform high-risk tasks. With AI, it is possible to identify potential attacks and security breaches in advance. This gives the team enough time to carry out repairs and prevent break-ins.

Additionally, the tool is able to understand how new types of attacks are built as they happen, which reduces the chance of them reaching the enterprise. In short, you achieve predictive and preventive management effortlessly.

The options brought above are just a few examples of Artificial Intelligence applications. In addition to them, it is possible to innovate in team training, generate reports automatically, evaluate competitors, and always be one step ahead in the market. In this way, investing in AI is synonymous with putting you in the spotlight, both as a manager and as a company. It’s worth it, right?

AI is just one of the technology solutions that can accelerate your company’s Digital Transformation. Another is hyper automation. T