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You already know the customer journey, you devoted hours to analyze the behavior of your audience and know exactly what steps they will take. So, why isn’t it working the way it should? The answer is simple, maybe it is time for you to start thinking about customization!

Have you ever imagined presenting personalized messages and directing exclusive offers of products to specific customers? That is what we are talking about! The right marketing strategies and technology can help to boost your sales.

If you want to create a fully engaging user experience, stick around and follow this content until the end!

Why should you invest in personalizing the customer journey?

Personalizing the customer journey is the key for a brand to deliver the best experience for its audience.

This interaction between the consumer and the company is fundamental and crucial for him to continue advancing through the funnel, therefore ignoring it is neglecting an important part of this relationship.

To better understand what it is about, think about the use of the most diverse data generated by the internet users. This information can bring insights for the creation of individualized communication strategies and product-specific offers, for your current or potential customers.

Do you know that notification about a product that you have just searched for, with an exclusive discount? That is what we are talking about. The personalization strategy works to tailor the messages your company sends to different segments of visitors or consumers.

In fact, this allows you to create experiences directed to very punctual preferences. The result will certainly be surprising to your audience. This super-personalization – or hyper-personalization, as it is also known, – puts the customer experience as a priority in its operations.

By combining technology and different marketing strategies, it is possible to use what is valued by the customer to develop ways to continuously strengthen and improve the customer relationship. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning play an important role in this.

What are the benefits of this strategy?

You might be asking: “but, after all, why is it so important to invest in personalization if the basics have always worked?”

First, let’s point out that the saying ‘don’t change a winning team’, is very outdated and can cost the survival of a company in the market. There are a lot of advantages that can be generated from a personalized customer journey. Check out some of them below:

Generate qualified leads

Companies that invest in personalization of their contents can expect more qualified leads.

This happens for two reasons: first, because the attraction of this audience happens in a much more efficient way. And second, because with leads in the funnel, the potential customers advance in terms of interest and affinity with the company, making the conversion easier.

Expand the conversion rate  

As you have seen before, increasing the conversion rate is possible with the personalization of the consumer journey.

That is because you can create unique offers that will capture users who are just browsing and lead them to the purchase, in a captivating and attractive way, but without being insistent or even inconvenient.

Enrich consumer experience

A personalized customer journey improves the user experience with the brand

When the company cares about understanding the wishes, desires, needs and expectations of its audience, it can be more punctual in making it feel appreciated. This makes it less likely to evade service channels or even generate complaints, for example.

Reduce the cac

The CAC — customer acquisition cost also tends to significantly reduce with the consumer journey personalization, because it is not necessary to develop many other specific strategies for this purpose.

The user who shows interest in a product that has already been captured by the stream and is already inside the funnel, no longer needs a lot of effort to make him stay, since he is there because he has identified value in your company.

Elevate customer satisfaction

Companies that cannot solve the needs or even meet the expectations of their audience leave them dissatisfied. This generates frustration that cannot be ignored, because it makes customers look for other alternatives, in this case competitors.

Therefore, personalizing the customer’s journey makes him feel special, and consequently, more satisfied.

Building a lasting relationship

A lasting relationship is based on mutual interest. By delivering personalized content, you demonstrate you are paying attention to your consumer, and that you want to get closer to them with valuable solutions. This will certainly contribute to strengthening the bond between people and your brand.

Increase the ltv

Lifetime value (LTV) is an important sales metric that identifies the value a customer has invested in your company, whether in products or services.

So, if you want to offset the efforts to attract and win new customers with sales, know that personalizing the customer journey can contribute to increasing LTV.

How do i personalize the customer journey?

Do you want to know how to create your own personalized journey in the most efficient way possible? So, keep an eye on the tips!

MAP the journey

You have probably invested efforts in mapping your customer’s journey, right? But we need to emphasize the importance of considering absolutely all points of contact with the customer. In order to do that, make sure you complete each of the following steps:

  • know your persona, what your needs are, how it interacts with the business, etc.;
  •  define the timeframe when the journey should take place, stipulating stages aligned to the product or service;
  •  know what the viable contact channels are (ads, site and blog, social media, apps, etc.);
  •  find out the actions, obstacles and motivations of your consumer audience;
  •  design an interaction flow that leads to a surprising and rewarding solution; and
  •  analyze the available data and create specific strategies for the insights generated by them.

Invest in quality of service

Personalizing communication with the customer is a way of investing in the quality of service. This point of contact is extremely important to make each user feel unique. According to a study by Privacy & Personalization from Smarter HQ:

  • 72% of consumers will only interact with a message if it is personalized according to their interests.
  • 90% of consumers are willing to share their information when the brands use it to offer easier and cheaper shopping experiences. 
  • 80% of frequent buyers give preference to buy from brands that personalize their experience.

A service full of innovation is the gateway to offer a quality service.

Therefore, invest in the cross-platform presence through a hyperconnected automation network, with an integrated experience between all your digital channels, where the customer can move freely, using different devices.

Collect and analyze data

To deliver personalized content, you need to keep an eye on all data related to your audience. Therefore, use this rich resource to turn it into valuable information for the development of your approach and relationship strategies.  

If you want some tips on how to intensify your data collection, write these down:

  •  Make opinion polls with your customers.
  •  Track comments on social media, email and blog.
  •  Constantly analyze the site to understand the user behavior.  

Promote optimizations in your operations

With everything in hands, it is time to put all the cards on the table and decide what to do with them. This is the moment to count with a talented team of professionals that will help to develop killer strategies of conversion.

Remember that the entire customer journey is justified exactly by this moment, which is an opportunity to review your processes and make improvements. So, one by one, start promoting optimizations in your operations.

Now that you have followed all our tips, you are more than prepared to go your own way. Use the data you already have available and get your hands dirty. Remember that the customer journey is extremely dynamic and requires continuous focus and effort.

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