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Analytics success case

How BRQ’s customized Analytics solutions work?

In a business scenario where data takes the position of actual assets, understanding how to better use all the optimization capabilities generated by innovative concepts such as Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Analysis proves an extremely latent need.

Today, due to the high level of competition observed in some segments and the accelerated dynamics of the market, the consumers and their habits, decision-making needs to consider concrete, secure and accurate factors. There is no more room for intuition. We live in the information era, where structured and well-worked data is what drives large businesses.

In this context, BRQ Digital Solutions meets the businesses that want to implement Digital Transformation in their processes, using data and analysis as tools to foster innovation and competitiveness.

We prepared a complete article to show how the BRQ’s customized Analytics solutions work and how they strengthen your company’s operations. Follow along!

What are customized Analytics solutions, and why are they important?

Directly and objectively, the first point that we must highlight about the customized Analytics solutions from BRQ is that it is not a product. That is, no ready and standardized model is applied in different businesses.

Customized solutions are products and services strategically targeted, directed, developed, and implemented, considering different variables and needs regarding the intelligent use of data within organizations.  

BRQ concentrates its efforts on creating a series of customized solutions, which use Analytics, mathematical problems, data, as well as different tools to extract value from existing information. This helps businesses follow the most promising path in the use of data with the differential of doing all that based on the reality of the company, its technological and analytical maturity, in addition to infrastructure and internal culture.  

More than a product, BRQ delivers differentiated solutions co-created with the client, aimed at leveraging the business and promoting an increase in revenue and specific savings.

How does BRQ’s customized Analytics solutions work?

BRQ’s customized analytics services follow a line of work that encompasses different steps with different purposes. As the project is developed and improved, the phases progress, and the client is closer to the desired result. Check out below how each step is executed.


We seek to understand the client company’s scenario in this project phase. This is because it is very common for clients to interpret certain situations as problems when they are only a ‘symptom’ that originated from something deeper and more complex. 

At this point, BRQ assists in the discovery of real obstacles and needs, taking the first steps into structuring a customized project that meets the expectations and demands in a viable, agile and punctual way. 


In this phase, all the information and value elements previously raised are studied and analyzed so that there is a more transparent and more objective vision of the demands, pains, weaknesses, and potentialities of the client-company and, from that, obtain more refined requisites that will guide the development of the project.

In this phase, the solutions are developed, and they are also tested, revised, experimented with, and modified according to the project. There is active communication with the client, collecting feedback to ensure the development converges with what is being aimed at in the results.


At this phase, it is already possible to experience the businesses day-to-day. The solution has been developed, the application has been built, and now it can be effectively operated. The focus is to analyze if the work produced was effective, met the requirements, and generated the desired results. 

In the operations phase, BRQ is responsible for monitoring the solution’s performance, considering different attributes such as technology, finance, and usability. The goal is to deliver a product within the project’s scope, adhering to the client’s needs.

How has BRQ already implemented this solution and succeeded in supply chain projects for a global leader in the food industry?

BRQ has contributed to the transformation of many businesses throughout its trajectory, inserting them efficiently and strategically in the era of data and analytics-driven decision-making. From a solutions development approach and delivery of customized services, it employs vast experience in the topic and extensive knowledge to structure projects adherent to the requirements of each client. 

For example, BRQ has already succeeded in complex projects from industry clients seeking strategic ways to optimize the supply chain, reduce costs, and improve its operations.

In the case of a Brazilian multinational company recognized as a global leader in the food sector, the challenge was to map the value chain end-to-end and propose improvements in the operation to transform the business and become a 100% digital and data-driven meat-packing business. 

In this case, the ideal scenario for adopting sophisticated analytics techniques was defined using the entire collection of data generated in the production line, sales, and purchases of raw materials and supplies.

In each one of these phases, opportunities for improvement were identified. It was possible to identify failures, bottlenecks, and points of attention within the operations through data. Then, BRQ focused on delivering more knowledge and visibility about the processes from the KPIs, insights, and data-driven culture implementation.

‘We want our clients to be competitive in deadlines, cost, and quality. The time-to-market requires technology, business knowledge, and data for assertive and winning changes’, affirms Alexandre Alves, Head of Advanced Analytics at BRQ.

What is the differential of BRQ’s analytics service?

BRQ works in a customized way. From this approach, a methodology is created beyond traditional Business Intelligence, which unites Predictive Analysis models, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, data mining and other concepts, and highly advanced tools to meet the changes of business areas. 

Before beginning the data analysis project, a thorough analysis of the resources is done to identify the client’s current level of analytical maturity and cultural and structural factors that may impact the process.

In this sense, BRQ goes deep in the development of the project. This assessment compares the current activities and analytics processes, considering the sector’s best practices, identifying opportunities to leverage the business, and prioritizing data-centric goals to minimize costs and maximize the return on investment in analytics.

After the assessment is complete and the deficiencies are solved, the Advanced Analytics team advances the project with the confidence that the data presented accurately represents the client company’s state. Thus, the chances of achieving the expected results increase significantly.  

Finally, the customized services in analytics from BRQ aggregate a competitive differential of great relevance. For example, the high level of adherence between what is developed and what is demanded in practice ensures even more promising results.

In addition to providing agility and flexibility with the consistency and solidity of a great business, BRQ delivers high-quality services and solutions, uniting the client’s business to the most appropriate technology and a new culture. BRQ has more than 27 years of supporting organizations to grow exponentially from innovation.

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