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Marketing work is one of the most important in any business. It’s pretty hard to find a company that survives today without implementing some well-crafted digital strategy. However, along with this need, there is also a question: is it worth having an in-house marketing agency to deal with all these demands?

Like many choices you will make when running a business, it also has its pros and cons. However, if your business does not have an internal marketing area or it is very limited, this can be a great alternative to optimize your long-term performance.

Follow and understand the main advantages of having an in-house agency.

What is an in-house marketing agency?

Before proceeding, it is good to clarify what this agency is and how it works.

In essence, an in-house marketing agency is a marketing office that is directly attached to your company’s marketing sector or replaces it. It’s different than just hiring an outside marketing agency as they are much closer and more involved in your strategies.

Rather than just consulting or acting on a few strategies, this agency is involved in the entire process. From creating a digital marketing plan to monitoring results, including implementation and trajectory adjustments.

The effectiveness of this model has already been proven. According to research by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), between 2019 and 2020, 82% of the companies interviewed stated that their in-house agencies had increased demand and productivity, with a satisfaction rate of 87%.

What are your main advantages?

If your company doesn’t have a large enough marketing sector to handle all your demands, but you also don’t want to outsource the service completely, opting for an in-house agency can be a great alternative.

Check out some of the main benefits offered here.

1. Accessibility of professionals

One of the main challenges that many managers face when hiring an external marketing agency is being able to maintain good contact and communication with these professionals. Something that could be resolved quickly with a face-to-face question or message may have to go through other channels, delaying some services.

Having an in-house branch means you have easier access to it at any time, which results in some tasks running more smoothly. This is very important to maintain performance and productivity, especially when there are several tasks and campaigns being organized at the same time within the company. It is also a way to create a more customer-centric service.

2. Time-saving

Another important benefit of having an agency within the company itself is time savings. Even if there is an always open communication channel between the agency and the internal managers of your business, the physical division also imposes some limitations on the way this communication takes place. Especially when it comes to its speed.

With an agency directly coupled to your marketing sector, this is no longer a problem most of the time. Any procedure or strategy can be discussed directly between the people involved instead of requiring a series of emails and messages that are not always organized, something that becomes more evident with the application of Lean and Agile methodologies.

3. Real-time progress tracking

To ensure that a campaign will be successful, it is essential that both the marketing team and the managers follow its development closely. This includes monitoring audience reaction and making adjustments as necessary. However, if the agency is not close to the company on a regular basis, there may be a delay in this feedback.

When you have an in-house agency, all the resources used in campaign performance analysis are closer and more accessible. That is, it will be easier for you to monitor these results on a daily basis and promote immediate actions to achieve your goals.

4. Greater task versatility

Depending on what services you need, there are many tasks that can be done by the marketing agency: internal marketing, social media management, and mobile solutions, among others. And the greater the distance between your business and the agency, the more difficult it will be to keep all these tasks under control.

Once again, an agency directly linked to the company finds it easier to coordinate with the rest of the sectors and achieve its goals. Especially when they are more varied and complex than usual.

5. Expense optimization

The costs of setting up an internal marketing sector from scratch can be quite high. It is necessary to set up an infrastructure for the team, seek qualified professionals for all tasks, conduct interviews, and the bureaucratic hiring process, not to mention that only in practice is it possible to know if an employee fits the company’s profile and tasks. Something that adds a lot of costs and risks.

Investing in an in-house agency transfers a good part of these responsibilities to an external company, which allows you to extract more benefits with a smaller investment. In addition to being able to count on faster and more efficient service, you also won’t have to deal with many of the costs involved with maintenance and labor charges. Considering we live in the era of digital transformation this kind of efficiency is mandatory.

Whatever your business, relying on a good in-house agency can be a great alternative if you cannot set up a complete marketing department from scratch, but still want greater control over your strategy.

This becomes easier with the use of digital management solutions, such as BRQ’s EXA. You will have an in-house Agency focused on working together with your company, which will optimize your team’s activities and the performance of your business. You can count on Digital Advertising Creation, Social, Media, Content, Planning, and Performance Media and all our support from implementation to verification of results.

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