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Digital Transformation is a reality in the market, regardless of the segment your company operates on. More and more companies are updating, digitizing and automating processes and businesses, to keep them competitive.

The movement gained even more strength with the pandemic, which accelerated the digitization of businesses by about 5 years, according to specialists. Many companies have resorted to Digital Transformation in order to continue to exist

In the era of disruption, it is necessary to reinvent yourself and seek innovative alternatives for businesses to evolve. As this is a complex process, it is important to have the support of a company with expertise in Digital Transformation.

But how do you find a reliable partner in the market? One that has reputation, experience, an extensive portfolio of solutions, a specialized team and that offers personalized products and services according to your company’s needs

Therefore, you should count on a partner like BRQ Digital Solutions. Keep reading and find out how we can contribute to the success of your business!

BRQ and its credibility in the market

The Information Service Group (ISG) is a reference when it comes to recognition in the technology market.  The ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Report is one of the most important surveys in the sector, providing a complete overview of the performance of digital service providers in several countries, including Brazil.   

In its most recent survey in the Digital Business category – Solution and Service Partners, they analyzed more than 27 Digital Transformation companies. BRQ was considered leader in four of the five quadrants analyzed: Digital Business Consulting Services, Digital Customer Experience Services, Digital Product Lifecycle Services and Blockchain Services, being recognized as one of the most relevant digital business consulting companies in Brazil.

How did we get here?

Since its founding in 1993, BRQ has been contributing to the evolution of Digital Transformation in Brazil. In almost 30 years in the market, it has consolidated into one of the largest companies of the sector in the country, promoting a journey of transformation and innovation for major brands from different segments- in Brazil and abroad.

This diversity of performance brings a more consistent vision of the business challenges that boosts innovation, maximizes productivity and expedites value delivery for a better customer experience.  

Working with the concept ‘Being digital is uniting business with technology and culture’, BRQ based its structure, services and solutions in a Lean, Agile and collaborative culture. With a consistent view of the challenges of the market, its end-to-end Services Platform can perform in different stages of your customer’s digital transformation.

How can your company benefit from all this?

In practice, how do BRQ’s credibility and expertise translate into benefits for your company? See how it is possible to generate even more value for your customers with a market-leading Digital Transformation company!

Services Platform

BRQ operates in the complete development cycle, from the conception to the materialization of digital products. The goal is to promote personalized data-driven digital transformation, in order to facilitate decision making and reduce the time-to-market to accelerate the business.

In this context the Services Platform was developed. With the final consumer as the center of decisions, the platform groups all services offered by BRQ, and was designed to conduct the transformation process in a staggered, strategic and continuous way, aggregating the best technologies, methodologies and professionals in one place.

The platform works with an adaptable Digital Transformation framework to meet different types of challenges and business. They are customized solutions, with high scale power and innovation.

In order to offer differentiated services and capabilities, we offer five key areas which support the transformation: Intelligent Business Automation, Advanced Analytics, Digital Solutions Lifecycle, Cloud Computing and the Experience Agency.

In a practical way, we begin our partnership process by defining strategies, then we identify and choose the best solutions and finally we deliver and monitor the results constantly.

Managed Squads

BRQ Managed Squads are cross-functional, agile and self-managed teams. With high performance and strategy oriented to value delivery, they offer superior technical capability to support your company in the development and continuous improvement of digital solutions.

All the work done by the Multidisciplinary Squads is based on Lean and Agile, creating faster and more efficient cycles and allowing deliveries of greater value to end customers. In addition, the self-management concept is also applied, offering more freedom to the professionals and ensuring that each one of them understands and takes on their responsibilities to achieve the defined goals.

Innovation Hub

BRQ also counts on accelerators to potentialize its Services Platform, expanding its catalog of tools and solutions. Through the BRQ Innovation Hub, a corporate venture created in 2016, BRQ invests in startups and B2B solutions which generate synergy with BRQ’s clients’ businesses and with high scalability solutions.

The objective of the Innovation Hub is to invest in innovative business models to foster the technology, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems. The Hub counts on market professionals who are attentive to the business trends and seek to advise, provide specialized consulting, make connections and consulting to help the growth of startups.

In addition to business opportunities, the Innovation Hub promotes a diverse innovation environment, working not only with startups, but also looking at customers, partners and employees. BRQ has a large intellectual capital, seeing problems as opportunities and always boosting incremental and disruptive innovations. Thus, it can offer the market innovative services and solutions that accelerate Digital Transformation.  


BRQ is made up of more than 3 thousand people passionate about transforming businesses with technology, the Feras (Portuguese for “beasts”, but in Brazil it’s also a slang that means “experts”). The company adopted the Anywhere Office work model for all employees, as it understands people should be protagonists of their journeys, always focusing on autonomy and responsibility.

The new work model has brought changes to the culture: BRQ WAY, our way of being, is in programs, actions, teams and in each of the Feras. It is on the mission of connecting, transforming and empowering each person to make their journey even more special and encouraging the passion for transforming the world with technology. 

Because of this BRQ is recognized as one of the best places to work for by Glassdoor and by Great Places to Work (3 consecutive years).

Look no further. Come transform with BRQ!

BRQ is the Digital Transformation company you have been looking for. Our Services Platform together with the solutions invested by the Innovation Hub, the largest catalog of strategic partnerships in the market, and the best professionals make us stand out from the competition and position us as partners of companies in all challenges of Digital Transformation

It has been almost 30 years of improving processes and adding even more value to our customers. And your company can also be part of this story. Contact us and learn how BRQ can help your business reach a new level of Digital Transformation.