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Digital Transformation is a reality within our society. More and more activities are executed from technological resources, always seeking to optimize tasks and routines. One of these solutions, focused on digitizing information, documents, and processes, is CertDox, one of BRQ Innovation Hub‘s fintechs.

In a scenario where User Experience is becoming increasingly important, reducing the impacts of bureaucracy on document and transaction processing can become a significant competitive advantage for your business. However, this is not a simple process to solve: process optimization requires specialization because there are sensitive operations in financial risk, security, data governance processes, and regulations. Only a modern and multidisciplinary approach – with deep knowledge of business, the necessary technologies and methodologies, and the laws and regulations – can quickly supplant this challenging scenario. CertDox can solve the problem.  

In practice, what does CertDox do? What are its challenges, benefits, and differential? Learn more about this solution in this case study with Creditas, Brazil’s largest secured lending fintech. Continue reading this article to understand how the solutions from BRQ contributed to CertDox’s growth. Check it out!

What is CertDox?

CertDox is a digital platform for controlling and integrating credit operations and collateral records, which digitally transforms and orchestrates credit operations and their business processes, aimed at institutions dealing with credit flows, particularly banks and fintech. That is, any credit operation that requires formalization of some guarantee in digital media – such as Bookkeeping of Credit Securities, records in Notaries and Central Registrars, Deeds, and Power of Attorney – to be legitimized in a standardized, speedy, and risk-free way, can be optimized from the solution offered by the company.

However, following the regulations and controls demanded by the legislation and standards of the Banco Central do Brasil (Brazil’s monetary, regulatory and supervisory authority)  and other Regulators ends up generating greater operational complexity. But this is extremely important to ensure more security for the lender and tranquility in the market. Thus, CertDox’s job is to optimize these integrations and allow the institution to worry about delivering a positive experience to its customers and grow – and not having to worry about every legal detail of the operation.

Everything from the formalization of guarantees to an eventual extrajudicial protest, or the assembly of an Electronic Filing Kit or Credit Assignment Kit, is done 100% digitally with the support of CertDox. Electronic signatures and digital certificates that make the operations and contracts more secure are only a part of what is delivered by the solution.

In other words: CertDox assembles and implements a digital treadmill that enables end-to-end credit operations.

What are the impacts of this technology on client performance?

All the technology CertDox offers to its customers is built in a personalized way. The goal is to create an environment where the client can define the best option for its business model. An example is the Creditas success story.

The challenge was to build a solution that integrated all players involved in the process to create an optimized workflow. After all, the operations performed by Creditas require speed and precision to keep the wheel spinning.  

With CertDox, as soon as the operations are carried out at Creditas, the entire integration process with the participants in the formalization of Credit Assignments and Registration in Central Registers becomes digital, even controlling the generation of documents and the application of electronic signatures. The solution provided integration between all participants, enabling agility, symmetry, and synchrony of information and documents, allowing increased flow and making the process more efficient and less bureaucratic.   

With the solutions from CertDox, Creditas recorded an approximate 70% reduction in the time of the credit assignment process.

How does CertDox operationalize and deliver value?

Within a scenario where data-driven culture is increasingly essential, centralizing all information about the same process is critical. The operational and financial management are improved as all the important information is in only one place. Thus, companies can complete the Digital Transformation cycle.

CertDox solutions directly impact the day-to-day work of their end customers as they can count on high-performance teams, gain productivity and streamline processes. In addition, extra costs and ineffective activities are cut from the company’s workflow since operations are automated and standardized.  

In addition to saving time, there are also savings in releasing the backlog to the company’s core business. The key is to move towards a model where traveling expenses to Notaries and the risk of loss of documents stays in the past.

In many cases, CertDox’s clients offer optimized digital experiences to their customers but cannot implement them in their internal operations. Therefore, this solution comes to ensure this happens end-to-end. Without this concern, the winner is the end customer, who can enjoy a complete experience.  

How does BRQ relate to CertDox’s performance?

CertDox grew up with the support of Innovation Hub, BRQ’s corporate venture. In its first round of investments, the relationship between the two companies began early in CertDox’s history. The synergy was immediate. When presenting the pitch to BRQ, the company’s partners soon realized that they had found more than an investor there; they had found a business partner.  The core of both organizations is technology making their interaction much more effortless.

Discussions on technology trends optimize the relationship between the companies, with regular meetings to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. BRQ also assists CertDox’s clients who need to modify internal processes, offering technological support to perform the necessary integrations.

In addition, BRQ’s reputation in the market contributed to other CertDox’s clients having even more trust in the company. After all, having the support of a company specialized in technology is a significant differential, especially among the financial market players. The importance of this partnership enables new opportunities for CertDox’s growth.  

What lesson have you learned from this case study?

CertDox’s partnership with Creditas reinforces the importance of technology to transform internal processes and businesses completely. A company that is not up to date tends to fall behind in an increasingly crowded market. Transforming your operations using technology is the best way for those seeking to reduce costs and generate more revenue.   

However, it is not so simple to implement such a significant transformation. After all, one does not always have the expertise- or even the time and human resources – that are necessary for this evolution. One way to optimize this process is to have a partner that offers this support, such as BRQ, a company specializing in transforming businesses with technology. 

Now that you know more about the story of CertDox and how BRQ Innovation Hub contributed to the fintech’s growth, how about accelerating your business? Contact us to learn about our solutions and our portfolio.