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Having technology teams that work in an integrated and productive way is key to delivering good results. The project leader or manager has a very important role in the organization and execution as a whole.

The article “The impact of agility: How to shape your organization to compete”, by the McKinsey consultancy, pointed out that using well-structured and successful agile processes results in gains of approximately 30% in efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and up to 50% in the operational performance of the entire company.

But, after all, what does team management do in the tech area and what is its importance? Keep reading and check out all the details to achieve more efficiency in your team’s operation.

What does technology team management do?

Good management of IT teams is done with a high level of KPI analysis and better decision-making based on relevant data.

When we talk about technology teams, several professionals are involved and thus form a highly qualified multidisciplinary team capable of executing projects with excellence.

And then, it is the leader’s responsibility to understand each person’s specialty and expertise in order to organize activities and reach the maximum potential of the team.

The main attributions of managing IT teams are:

• Develop a high level of technical knowledge;

• Perform data management, control, and security;

• Integrate platforms and systems;

• Make decisions based on data;

• Implement new technologies and processes.

Technology managers must be the area’s central point of contact and communication, making processes more efficient, productive, agile, and assertive.

Importance of efficient team management

Technology teams are critical to keeping operational processes running smoothly and developing digital products in companies.

Being an essential area for business in the context of digital and technological transformation, it is also capable of becoming an important competitive differential in its operations, with well-structured processes, new technologies, and promoting the market.

Biggest challenges in technology squad management

Many operational and behavioral barriers are often faced by IT teams during project execution. Managers need to be alert to solve them as quickly as possible, especially when it comes to digital products.

Therein lies the importance of quickly identifying the main challenges and bottlenecks that may be impacting the results of the team’s operation. Are they:

Accumulation of activities

An excessive amount of tasks can happen when there is a lack of knowledge of agile management methodologies that interfere with the productivity of professionals and consequently generates the accumulation of tasks.

Process mapping is essential to identify where the productivity problem is and the number of tasks to be performed.

Lack of organization of deadlines and deliveries

When the manager is not clear about the deadlines and objectives of the project, deliveries can become disorganized and with more bottlenecks in the operation. At this time, it is important to have clearer and more objective management methodologies.

Reconcile execution, management, and results

Very specialist teams with poorly structured processes experience difficulties in efficiently reconciling the execution of tasks, time management, analysis, and presentation of results. Agile methodologies and operational partners are great allies in this process of adapting and organizing technology teams.

How to operate projects with agile methodologies

Having the support of good partners and qualified technology professionals is one of the best ways to implement agile methodologies in the company’s operations.

In this way, it is possible to reach another level of innovation and process optimization with more experienced and specialized teams, as is the case of multidisciplinary squads.

Multidisciplinary squads are highly specialized teams, ready to leverage companies’ technology projects and achieve the best results with agility and operational efficiency.

Having project management in high-performance and productive teams is extremely important to remain competitive in a highly competitive technology market.

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