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Learn more about how GPA, the largest retail chain of Latin America, became one of BRQ’s success cases.

As the pandemic progressed, many people increased their online shopping, and others, who had never shopped on digital platforms, had their first experience with e-commerce. It is hard to imagine how we would have survived this period without access to the internet.

A survey by market intelligence company Neotrust/Compre & Confie reveals that Brazilian e-commerce reached a historical result in the second quarter of 2020: R$ 33 billion in revenue, 104.2% more than in the same period last year.

According to Francisco Marinho Junior, Digital Transformation Manager at GPA, food retailers also felt that, amid the crisis, they had to accelerate their Digital Transformation processes to keep up with the changes and boost sales. ‘In this competitive scenario, the winners are the ones who deliver a quality product fast, such as GPA,’ he affirms.

In this context, in partnership with BRQ, GPA strengthened itself in the digital market by investing in the sales of logistics services, expanding the list of companies that began to use its delivery and storage structures to generate new revenue. These were the initial steps in fulfillment, a set of services for digital sales that promise to gain more importance in the company in 2022.

In the GPA case, we will tell you why the company decided to invest in a new logistics platform for its e-commerce – involving the process from receiving the order until sending the order – and the results it has already achieved.

The GPA challenge

GPA needed to strengthen the value offer of its marketplace as part of the company’s digital strategy in the race for fast deliveries throughout Brazil.

Knowing that one of the main differentials the customers who make purchases online look for is product quality and fast delivery, GPA needed to expand its logistics strategy to be even closer to the customer by reducing the delivery deadlines of its delivery methods in its e-commerce.

The solution

In partnership with BRQ, GPA developed a logistics fulfillment platform to lower its logistics costs and product delivery time to impact sales and customer satisfaction positively.

Fulfillment – simply speaking – is the process of separating the products after a purchase is made in the e-commerce until the delivery of the goods to the customer. GPA centralizes the products of partner retailers (sellers) in the storage centers of its marketplace, is responsible for shipping the items to the end consumer, and does the after-sale service.

The process of creating the solution

In this project, the team worked on the complete development cycle, from the conception to the materialization of the digital platform. The process began by unfolding the strategy (discovery). The best methodologies and technologies for the development were defined, integrated into the legacy systems, and the first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was delivered. It is now in the phase of constant monitoring of results for continuous improvement and evolution of the platform.  

Thus, GPA ensures even more agile deliveries, and the sellers reduce costs with storage. Advantages that reflect greater consumer satisfaction and a better shopping experience.  

According to Fernando Marinho, Digital Transformation in the logistics industry is molding businesses’ future (and the present). ‘We are experiencing a fundamental transformation in consumption. Speed and efficiency are essential for this new digital consumer. Thus, it is necessary to understand and place consumer needs at the center of the strategy.

Fabio Gobbi, a Digital Strategist at BRQ Digital Solutions, agrees and points out that a consultative approach, which places the customer in the center of the strategy to offer the best digital solutions, is essential. ‘When Francisco came to us, he made it clear he did not want BRQ as a factory but as a solution and innovation partner. And this is exactly what we are experts at! We have entered a successful partnership that has already achieved great results in launching the logistics fulfillment platform,’ he adds.

Project results

When analyzing the results, the positive indicators bring a direct advantage to the consumer’s pockets: a reduction of up to 40% in the shipping cost and 25% in delivery times. In addition to enabling a future increase of 40% in the volume capacity of delivery.  

More than numbers, the work strengthened GPA’s digital strategy to allow fast response to the changes in consumer behavior and increase its operational capacity whenever necessary. ‘GPA is a pioneer in food retail e-commerce in Brazil and Top of Mind in this category. We are always looking for innovation and are moved by delivering better and better experiences to our people, customers, and society. Fulfillment is already a pride for the whole team and promises much more!’ adds Francisco.

How can your company access improvements like this? 

The GPA case proves BRQ’s competence in transforming businesses and adding even more value to the customer through Digital Information. This story could be yours too! 

BRQ Digital Solutions has been in the market for almost 30 years and has consolidated itself as one of the largest technology companies in the country, promoting a Digital Transformation journey for large brands from different segments looking for innovation.

This diversity of performance brings a more consistent vision of the business challenges. It translates into an end-to-end services platform capable of performing in the different stages of digital transformation.

Counting on strategic partners, both international solutions manufacturers and B2B startups invested by BRQ itself, the company boosts innovation, maximizes productivity, and speeds up value delivery for a better customer experience.

Now that you have learned more about BRQ, how about taking the next step to accelerate the transformation of your business? Contact us, access our solutions, and contribute to the development of your company. We are waiting for you!