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Every year, technology advances by leaps and bounds, creating ways to communicate and interact. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are some of the best examples, providing a unique way to bring people together and experience these digital environments. And one of the most recent technologies that have gained prominence in this area is Holoportation.

With the use of this innovation, it is possible to bring different people together, in addition to creating new possibilities for different sectors, such as education, medicine, communication, sales, and marketing. The biggest limitation is the imagination of those who intend to use this feature.

Follow the below and better understand what Holoportation is and how this technology can revolutionize the use of Augmented Reality glasses.

What is Holoportation?

This name comes from the combination of two words: hologram and teleportation. It is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows interaction between two people through Augmented Reality, with the use of Virtual Reality glasses, as if both were in the same environment. If it’s hard to imagine with that description, check out a video from Microsoft explaining more about the technology here.

As you can see, this tool allows a person to be projected into a different space, in real-time, interacting with another person. All this is done using Virtual Reality equipment. Something that, until then, was seen only in science fiction.

Unlike other forms of Augmented Reality, Holoportation is not limited to just one perspective. Each environment has a series of cameras that capture the image of the individuals present, creating a 3D model of their body and superimposing their image, allowing a more complete interaction.

Considering how these disruptive technologies are increasingly present in everyday life, their use should also grow over time.

What are the applications of Holoportation?

Industry 4.0 is already a reality for the vast majority of companies, with increasing emphasis on agile and efficient communication to improve the customer experience. Holoportation is an expected development of Augmented Reality technologies, with several applications in the current market.

Check out some of its main uses and benefits here.

Communication and interactions over long distances

One of the biggest promises of this new technology is to allow people who are a long distance away from each other to get closer. Even when it is not possible to be physically in the same environment, it is still possible to share a space, talk and interact with the help of these holograms.

This is a very important quality for people who cannot get close, as in the case of distant relatives or isolation. With the use of Virtual Reality glasses, these people can inhabit the same environment through technology.

Even with some limitations in equipment and space configuration, this level of closeness is very important for many people. It is a way of bringing them together, regardless of their distance.

3D content recording

The possibilities created thanks to Holoportation are much broader than just interaction in the virtual environment. With all the data collected by the cameras and generated on the computer, this tool can not only reproduce your image in real-time but also record it to be revisited in the future.

For example, after being recorded, you can review the content using Virtual Reality glasses in the same physical space in which the interaction took place or in a smaller proportion. Imagine the possibility of reviewing a moment, like a dance, from all possible angles, on top of your table.

Until then, this kind of experience was only possible with manually animated 3D models. Now, any moment can be recorded in much more detail and then relived with the same fidelity.

Creating and sharing projects

Drawing up architectural projects, works of art, and planning works, among other tasks, involves manipulating and observing objects in real-time. This means that, unless professionals are present in the same space and working together, there will be some difficulties in exchanging opinions and visualizing the final product.

With Digital Transformation, the trend is that these limitations become smaller since there are more resources available to facilitate the exchange of information. Holoportation is just the next step in this evolution, creating a joint space for in-depth project development.

For example, one person might create a mockup of an architectural project, such as a park or building, and another might look at the mockup through the projected hologram. All gaining much more control over the work.

Greater immersion in education

Certain concepts are difficult to teach in theory alone. In geometry, for example, studying solids is more complex, as they are three-dimensional shapes that are difficult to represent on a blackboard. However, when we bring these examples into the 3D world, it becomes easier to explain them to students.

The same principle applies to several other fields. Medical students can analyze projected organs in their entirety and even witness surgery in great detail, for example.

If used creatively, this technology will considerably expand the possibilities available for education and student immersion in different contents. It is the perfect environment to learn both in theory and in practice.

More detailed observation of products

The demand of the consumer public today to purchase their products does not stop growing. Most don’t make a big purchase without being assured that the offer meets exactly what they’re looking for. And Holoportation technology is a way of bringing what the public sees closer to what they actually receive.

You can easily design a three-dimensional version of your product in Augmented Reality with this technology. An outfit can be placed directly on the person or a piece of art on the wall. Everything to help the customer prove the quality of what you offer. These are just some of the possible trends for Holoportation. As this feature becomes more widespread, we can be sure that it will bring countless innovations in communication.

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