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RD – Raia Drogasil is a leader in the Brazilian pharmacy market, formed by the merger of the Raia and Drogasil chains in 2011. It is a company that is constantly expanding, and combines an integrated portfolio of assets focused on the health and well-being of people and invests heavily in technology to improve the customer experience.

The challenge

RD – Raia Drogasil, faced challenges with its infrastructure for the data science area. Its employees worked in on-premise Windows environments. Despite being powerful machines, these configurations brought limitations regarding scalability and difficulty in sharing the developed tools and deliveries to end customers. ​

The execution of the models was manual, the scripts were also generated on-premises and scheduled by Windows Task Scheduler, and this whole scenario needed to be in a modern, scalable, and secure environment.

For this challenge, RD – Raia Drogasil invited BRQ, partner AWS Advanced to integrate the project relying on our skills and expertise.


Assist in the implementation of a solution designed by RD, more modern and scalable, with high performance, which effectively meets the needs of the areas involved and which has a safe cost to the customer’s wishes.

BRQ is active in collaborating in the implementation of this new architecture inspired by DR to solve the problem of performance and agility in processes, working together with DR’s infrastructure time to organize the data science environment, thus promoting the desired scalability to facilitate deliveries to end customers.


  • With the new AWS cloud-based, migrated environment, data scientists at RD can run their statistical models scalably and efficiently. ​
  • The end customer no longer needs to execute Python scripts manually, as the models are executed in an automated and centralized way in the cloud. ​
  • The results are delivered in S3 service buckets, allowing easier and faster access to information. The migration to the AWS cloud, using Docker, brought numerous advantages to RD. ​
  • The company achieved greater scalability, ease of sharing the developed tools, and a more efficient delivery process.

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