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According to a survey by Capital Research in 2020, 70% of Brazilians are interested in investing their financial resources in savings or the stock market. The sector has grown a lot in the country with different players – and the largest brokerage firm in Brazil, BRQ’s client, is always looking to improve the internal processes to offer the best user experience.

The client has more than two million customers in its base and 6% of the market share in the segment. However, that does not mean that the company is not looking for ways to improve its service and experiences offered. Despite being considered a consolidated company, its mindset is very close to a startup, constantly motivating its business units to create digital solutions.  

In one of its internal projects, the company counted on the help of BRQ to make its operation even more efficient. We invited Heitor Villar, Account Executive at BRQ, to tell us more about the partnership. Do you want to find out the solution and the results obtained from this collaboration?  Keep reading!

The customer’s needs

The brokerage firm’s initial request to BRQ was the development of a project to automate customer management and contracts in one of its business areas, starting from scratch. The process was manual, using spreadsheets, which could lead to errors throughout the journey and a decentralized view.   

‘Our client has its methodology for creating innovative solutions, and BRQ has the expertise in Digital Transformation. The goal is to promote a personalized and data-based transformation to facilitate decision-making, reducing the time-to-market to accelerate the business. But in this case, developing a product from scratch would not be the best option’ says Hector.  

Thus, after a deep analysis of the challenge, BRQ’s and the client’s teams chose another alternative: faster, cheaper, and as complete as they needed

BRQ’s solution for process improvement

Our suggestion was to use Atend Channels, one of the solutions from Workfacilit, a startup of BRQ’s Innovation Hub BRQ. The platform offers contract storage, registration, and tracking with intuitive reports and dashboards for more efficient information management.  

‘We automated the operational flow of products with the inner vision of management and administration of contracts and external vision (from the end customer) related to the purchased product. We delivered a Cloud SaaS, already prepared to scale securely, compliant to LGPD, with fully automated contract management flow’, explains Hector.

The solution deployment process

The professionals from both companies applied the iBPM (Intelligent Business Process Management) concept, optimizing all document management with consultation screens, reports, and complete dashboards. The solution was delivered in less than a month. All this is within a secure platform, compliant with the LGPD recommendations, and 100% in Cloud.   

“We did a POC (proof of concept) in a week, we had two meetings to adjust the product, and, in three weeks, it was on the air. We organized the workflow and made it even more efficient for a high-performance team,’ says the BRQ executive.

The results of the project

The improvement of processes provided by the Atend Platform resulted in a series of benefits for the client company team. Today, the team is connected to information a lot faster than before, with simplified and much more efficient workflows offering the best experience to the customer. 

The innovation brought by Atend Channels allowed operational efficiency gain. The solution optimized the customer service process, allowing the brokerage firm to scale the business without increasing the team and project growth.

In addition, the project implementation cost was 4.5times lower than planned for development, and time-to-market was three times faster (time spent for the solution to be ready).

Heitor points out that this is one of the main differentials of the Atend Platform compared to its competitors in the market. ‘We made the complete delivery in three weeks. The client invested in a quality solution with high cost and record-time delivery. It is very unusual to implement such a robust, secure, scalable cloud solution in such a short time, he says.

How can your company access improvements like these?

The result provided by the Atend Platform was so positive. It resulted in significant savings – from time and resources – that other areas of the brokerage firm also plan to use it. This reinforces the versatility of the tool, which can be applied in different companies from various regions and sizes, personalizing the services according to their needs.

According to Heitor, Atend is not restricted to the financial sector; other enterprises use it to optimize their workflows. The solution allows the company to materialize an idea fast to have more excellent management control in no time. It was created for flexibility to improve processes for no specific segment. 

Like the Atend Platform, the entire portfolio of solutions from BRQ focuses on bringing innovation to its customers. The goal is always to find alternatives to make the most different improvements in processes.

Now that you know more about BRQ’s role in one of its client’s transformations, how about adopting one of our solutions to boost your business? Contact us and find out how our portfolio can contribute to accelerating your company’s digital transformation!