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In an increasingly connected society, companies must commit to using their consumer data and information responsibly and transparently.

The Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) establishes clear rules and practices on the treatment and use of personal data, including the right to privacy and the protection of users’ information.

Many businesses are behind in adapting to LGPD, but the largest food retailer in South America decided to anticipate its customers’ protection. 

Using Digital Transformation and Analytics solutions, BRQ Digital Solutions, in partnership with the company’s team, developed a platform to adapt to the new Brazilian General Data Protection Law, which aims to regulate the processing of personal data of individuals in private or public companies, to ensure transparency in the use of data in these media.  

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What was the client’s challenge?

Data is part of the company’s routine, whether to offer personalized services in Analytics or have a better foundation for decision making.

The company has already adopted a fair and transparent relationship with its audience in a data-driven culture; it only needed to adapt to the new law. However, the great challenge was to accomplish everything as a matter of urgency to maintain the schedule.

What was BRQ’s impact on the project?

Being a specialist in Digital Transformation and technology for 28 years, BRQ ventured into creating a new customized and highly scalable product to help its client to adapt to LGPD and do business more efficiently after finding out none of the existing solutions in the market fit precisely into the needs of the company.

BRQ’s customized Analytics services follow a line of work that includes three different stages (Discovery, Development, and Operations) with a specific purpose. As the project is developed and improved, the stages move forward, and the client is closer to the desired result. 

BRQ believes each company is unique and has specific demands for a new solution to fit its needs perfectly. However, an in-depth analysis of the customers’ needs was necessary to define the best strategy. It was essential to understand the challenges and requisites of the company to design and deliver the best solution.

What was the solution employed?

BRQ developed a system to meet the needs of the retail company: the LGPD Platform for data anonymization management. ‘Our project focused on Digital Transformation and Analytics. In 30 days, we developed a customized and highly scalable product to help our client adapt to the law’s requirements, adopting transparent data management for their customers, employees, and B2B’ comments Alexandre Alves, Head of Advanced Analytics at BRQ. 

According to the executive, the teams from both companies used disruptive technologies and robust Cloud architecture, supported by AWS (Amazon Web Services), which provides a scalable platform to meet future requirements of the law. ‘When we think about digital transformation, we think about a complete change. With the product we created, it will be possible to follow all tracking of data related to customers, employees, and partners in the more than 200 systems of the group. In addition, they have access to quick searches:  Anonymization Management, Account and Customer Service Management, Dashboard, and the evolution of new features such as Consent Management, Customizable Cookie Management, and Native Encryption, meeting the requirements of the LGPD and, most important, serving the ecosystem un an agile way’, explains Alexandre.

What were the results obtained with the partnership?

The LGPD allowed the client company to transform its operation, meaning that much more than the adaptation to the new regulations and laws stipulated, it is possible to have more efficient control of all the valuable information that passes through the company’s servers, ensuring no data is wasted or used without the proper authorization of the client.

Currently, when the customer informs that they do not want to have their information used by the company, deleting data is automated. Before that, however, the retail company can still negotiate with the customer to maintain their lead in that database to deliver a much better and more complete shopping experience, allowing management to be done.

BRQ was able to solve the client’s problem in just 30 days, creating a solution that meets the main requirements of the LGPD and the company. The challenge has been successfully overcome, focusing on process automation and robust Cloud service.  

How can your company have access to these improvements?

BRQ Digital Solutions has been in the market for 28 years and has consolidated itself as one of the largest technology companies in the country, developing innovative solutions for large brands from different segments.

This diversity of performance brings a more consistent vision of the business challenges. It translates into an end-to-end services platform capable of performing in the different stages of the digital journey, including cloud migration.

Counting on strategic partners, both international solutions manufacturers and B2B startups invested in by BRQ, the company maximizes productivity and promotes a better customer experience.

Now that you know how BRQ helped the largest food retailer in South America overcome its urgent challenges and adequate itself to the LGPD, why don’t you take the next step and learn more about our solutions? Contact us to find out how we can help you!