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Digital Transformation is a reality in our society, and it is no different when you talk about the marketing and communication market. Innovative and disruptive solutions have provided many benefits for professionals who work in the industry, and one example is the concept of Martech and Adtech. But do you understand the differences between them?

Although they have some similarities, they also have completely different purposes, which sometimes confuses a professional who is looking for innovation in processes to reduce costs and gain efficiency. Therefore, understanding more about Martech and Adtech is a necessary step to boost your business.

How about having all your questions about these concepts answered, and learning the differences between them? Keep reading this article to learn more about this subject and ensure your business is prepared to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities!

What is Martech and what are its applications?

The concept of Martech represents the combination of the words marketing and technology. It is the use of technology in the marketing environment. By using innovative tools, it is possible to create strategies and solutions that optimize the work done by professionals of this sector.  

In short, Martech tools are essential for efficient work in marketing today, whether to structure an email marketing campaign or to learn more about your audience. Nothing but the use of technology to make some of the tasks and actions simpler. A current need, which justifies the almost 200 million dollars made by martechs in Brazil in 2020 alone.

What about Adtech?

Adtech is the union of the words advertising and technology, indicating a greater presence of technology in the advertising area. The idea is more limited, restricting optimization to the most common fields in the industry, such as tracking and boosting the performance of ads and campaigns of a company

What are the differences between these concepts?

The main difference between Martech and Adtech is the coverage of the tools and solutions of each of the concepts. The first one has a more global view about the company’s communication and publicity actions, expanding the potential of a marketing team and making all activities in the sector more efficient.

The second one focuses on optimizing the work directly connected to the challenges of advertising in the online environment, focusing on only one field of communication with the external audience.

The two concepts, however, are complementary and used together for an even better performance

Why is it beneficial to invest in Martech (and Adtech)?

But, after all, why should you invest in Martech solutions for your business? We listed the reasons to count on tools that optimize your team’s day-by-day work and ensure a better performance for your company. Check them out!

Trend anticipation

Those who are connected to main technological resources will offer more efficient solutions in their campaigns before its competitors. In an increasingly competitive market, this is necessary to stand out. With Martech, a company identifies what are the innovations in the segment and offers solutions that meet the demands of its end customers

Improving business decision-making

Another important benefit you have with the implementation of Martechs in the day-by-day of an organization is the best decision-making from the intelligent use of data concerning the performance of its strategies. All areas benefit from the highest precision of small decisions in a workday, which results in greater accuracy overall.

Gain in productivity and efficiency

The use of Martech, with its automation tools, in the day-by-day of a marketing team also directly contributes to the gain in productivity and efficiency. Instead of spending hours performing bureaucratic and repetitive tasks, the professionals focus on more strategic activities, acting with greater precision to make a positive impact on your audience.  

Improving ideal consumer identification

The information also serves to have a greater basis on the behavior of its customers. This way, it is possible to define the persona more accurately. From this data, a series of strategies and actions are executed, increasing the chances of generating a positive impact on the target audience

Improved communication with customers

It is possible to better direct resources when identifying which channels are more used by the consumers. Thus, the ease of keeping a close contact becomes an attraction and strengthens the connection with the brand. Companies and customers communicate more efficiently, creating a transparent and healthy relationship.

User experience optimization

With greater understanding and proximity to the user, all points of the customer journey are optimized. That is very important to increase the reach of the brand and even for loyalty. Besides, it is an essential tool to allow your business to find competitive differentials and stay relevant within its segment of operation.

Increase in the return-on-investment

Finally, the return on investment (ROI), becomes much higher, as the resources are better used, and their actions are accurate. With the better use of these resources (financial or not, such as time), the entire team directly involved in the sector benefits in productivity, creating more efficient strategies without spending too much time or money.

Understanding both concepts is the first step to create even more efficient processes and workflows in an organization. With the use of Martech and Adtech solutions, the business optimizes its strategies and activities related to marketing and communication, which results in improvements for the whole company We hope this article has answered all your questions about Adtech and Martech, its characteristics, the benefits and the differences between the concepts. How about continuing to learn about other relevant topics for your business? Subscribe to our newsletter and receive contents like this in your email.!