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It’s the PlatCoSystem, stupid!

TL/DR: Read!

Digital. What the hell?

In a VERY far far far far away age, kind of… 2015… We’ve dreamed a world where highly “disruptive new technologies” will lead the way for “very disruptive and innovative companies” to disrupt the “old, messy, slow and fat dying duck companies”. My fellow masters at MIT talked a lot about it (1).

Bad bats (sic).

Disruption came (as absolutely usual) on new business models (2) and new ways of orchestrate business value generation (not capture) around huge networks AKA “platforms” (3). And this fueled the most stupid SECOND fever ever, the idea technology change the old field of human nature, fears, desires and economic decisions (4).

Pos-digital. Still, what the hell?!

Meanwhile, without notice, we start to live after 2015 the so called FEED era, as individuals and mostly, decision makers, in a reference of a recent dystopian sci-fi series (5) . Fast, furious, fail fast, rebuild faster, pivot even faster, crazy times of “nothing realization” and some other bubbles.

China Hustlers, Cripto Hustlers, Election Hustlers, Fintech Hustlers, EverythingTech Hustlers, and so. Feed. Feed. Feed. Flow. Flow. Flow.

That the post-digital frenzy world, built in a flash trade, under our eyes, using an old rule, platformization. Just ask professor Anabelle. (6)

Banking, Financing, Payment, Financial Advising and Wealth Management. The services we were promised of.

Meanwhile… And really old industry-market-power-service has kept almost unchanged. Almost immortal. Stone. Rock Solid. We’ve call them the Financial Services firms, but we also have a lot of jokes about it. Nothing was/is this acute correct, although.

The financial services firms were and are the air that ignite the fire of our economies, even in the most socialist/communist ones. So, we can mock it, blame it, love it or hate it, we need financial markets (and players, very effective players) to live our modern, individual protected and legal solid societies to prosper and survive the challenges we face and will live through in the future. Period.

But not in the way they operate today… And that’s the millennium opportunity we have! (7)

The super money makers the banks hired, or the biggest orchestra without a line in the world

First, it is not a problem we need to solve. Someone built the most aggressive game in the last 50 years, and so, all the most competitive players were attracted to this arena. You know, money, greed, money, luxury, money and money. Nothing wrong, competition is always about wining at something.

But, when you have a collective sport, and, more interesting, a NEW kind of collective (a network, where several teams must unite to a bigger team win), we have a problem with lot’s of PITA Mavericks in the field. F1 Teams knows the feeling, several companies, several actors, one car, one pilot, one championship to win. Orchestration is the mantra, standards, communication and collective realization, the chant.

Well… This is not the City or The Wall Street way… Neither the big firms as a single viewed pack of predators. Sharks. Not coincidence.(8)

But, this game is over.

The barbarians without walls and gates. Winter has arrived, and it’s called Platforms.

In a very strange game to the lone wolves and pumas and bears and bulls, there’s a swarm of challengers, build in the darkness of a 10 year evolution (9) and so called “platforms”.

We have it in several flavors, forms, finalities, colors, and valuations. Pick one, be happy.

Post-digital. Transaction platforms - Innovation platforms
Post-digital. Transaction platforms – Innovation platforms –

Those barbarians, mostly, have no geography. no limits and sometimes, are the biggest “countries” in cyber world.

And they have no limitations in creativity or business models (as truly digital companies, the can have all the business models in one single organization). Including, why not, banking.

Well.. Almost.

Post-digital. Banks vs competitors
Post-digital. Banks vs competitors –

Last line.

In a world without fences, who needs gates?

As Master Professor Sum Supreme Yoda God Feynman (10) always find a way to force in my under-intelligence, find a way to imagine why not is a challenge, even when long and short run life of careers, organizations, industries and markets are in chance. Same with financial institutions today.

Digital. Not the future. Past.

Just a drama call. All banks are digital, since …

Post-Digital. Not the future. Past.

Just ANOTHER drama call.NO bank can’t play the post digital, networked game of ecosystems yet. But some players, from the future, are playing the banking game. Now. And for a while… (11)


We have a new new new game: Phygitalized Ecosystem Financial Servicing Networks.

Sounds “fancey”, stupid and complex? Ask Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba. They know. Or, check this:

Post-digital. Our Business Model
Post-digital. Our Business Model –

In your competitor face.

Systems, Complex systems, platforms, ecosystems and other lies they told you about

Stop. Got back in time. Read professor Anabelle Gawer Phd thesis. And watch this class. (12)

Post-digital. Product + Supply Chain vc. Industry Platform + Ecosystem
Post-digital. Product + Supply Chain vc. Industry Platform + Ecosystem –

Them, look at United States of Amazon.

Post-digital. Amazon is a complex ecosystem; not a company
Post-digital. Amazon is a complex ecosystem; not a company

And then, see how that little pain in the pocket, the customer, sees you and your business.

Post-digital. Retail banking business models

Not paying attention yet? Even the Japanese are!

Post-digital. Not paying attention yet? Even the Japanese are!

What is the big deal?

  • Techie natives (not users of technology, but CREATORS of it);
  • Global players;
  • User Experience Intensive;
  • Self provided User data (did you EVER read the terms and conditions?);
  • New generation oriented (TikTok, TikTok, TikTok);
  • Pervasive. Anytime. Anywhere (even in the fridge);
  • “Don’t be evil” memory.

The Platform Cooperative Ecosystem Games: Infinite games.

First, a visual:

Post-digital. The Platform Cooperative Ecosystem Games: Infinite games.

Then, a movie (13)

And then, the reality: It’s not a plan. It’s not a “transformation”. It’s not even a new business unit! It’s a whole huge giant leap on… SPACE! (the ultimate frontier). To boldly (and totally terrified) going where no other competitor has gone before! That’s why Simon’s advice above are so strategic.

Plus. WE need help.

We, the external advisors, consultants, builders, techie partners (somehow, coopetitors), regulators.

We, the executives, shareholders, stakeholders, regulators.

We, the customers… Ops! hummm.. We, the customers… NO WAY! We are in a HURRY! (14)

The real way: a symphonic jam session in one single composition. Customer Value Creation and distribution.


You know, in Golf, we need a caddie AND a coach AND a sports team AND a physical coach AND… You’ve got the idea. Even Iron Man has Jarvis, so, drop the hubris and find co-creators. is a SUPERB start 😀


No maps no journey. First, find partners and map a way of here.

Post-digital. No maps no journey. First, find partners and map a way of here.

Methods. Tools. Cases. Kids. Pets. Labs. The crazy ones.

iMac wasn’t a better mac. iPhone wasn’t a better phone.

Methods. Tools. Cases. Kids. Pets. Labs. The crazy ones.

iMac wasn’t a better mac. iPhone wasn’t a better phone. Banking will not be banking.

The post-banking era banks will be global, private owners of it’s own closed loop money and full platform providers. They can be the next “realization operating system” for individuals, small companies, organizations all around the world.

Or be beaten by better ECOSYSTEM DESIGNERS, like… GAFA/BAT guys.

Post-digital. Apple's Business Ecosystem
Forgot from where I got this.
Post-digital. Trusted Financial Services advisor

The name of the game is growth from actual base, making loosed coupled integration (as Haier)

Post-digital. A new organizing principles

It’s not hard to build, the AntFinancial group had made it.

Post-digital. Ant financial ecosystem

And there’s a lot of niche opportunities to start creating the test branches. Trade finance, for instance, has lot’s of maps and pain points already clarified.

Post-digital. Digital ecosystems in trade finance

Easier said than done, hum? That’s why co-creation and help from external partners help. Some governance dimensions must be observed (grain of salt on the “it-driven” approach but those are key aspects to look).

Post-digital. Eight dimensions of business ecosystems

Last but not least, the orchestration of tensions, value generation, value capture, open and cross innovation at all levels of this giant network, is the ecosystem driver duty (or main asset, or curst, who knows).

Growing complexity of interaction patterns
Cluster organization

As main asset, although, big multi banks has a long expertise in a huge portfolio of services, must only learn to put the “super app” mentality onboard and… Cross the several chasms to other areas of servicing.

Bank product offering

Otherwise… The other areas of servicing will jump onboard!

Otherwise… The other areas of servicing will jump onboard!

This is the moment you call your board and shout out loud: the Super Apps are coming! (15)


See yap and thanks for all the fish!

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Author: Courtnay Guimarães Jr.

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