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I was sitting at my desk, wondering what were the themes to include, when preparing an argument for our continued investment in becoming the most sought after Services Partner for our Cloud Service Providers. And why not use the same material to bring the word out to our BRQ colleagues and also potential customers, or prospects, so they could know more about things we are doing while they go about their own journeys and deal with their own challenges?  

So I started with this concept: what did success look like for our company the last twelve months? 

This past, challenging year witnessed the amazing transformation of BRQ, a team of 3,200 experts from all fields, software development, customer experience, analytics and infrastructure into a “Services for Cloud” powerhouse with the merge of a company we acquired, called BMSIX. We lead the digital transformation of many businesses by quickly leveraging multiple competencies from both teams, a merger that orchestrated harmonious cloud architectures and huge value for each customer. 

Connecting corporate strategy with a digital path, we gave our clients unprecedented competitive advantages. Faster decisions, greater scalability and the possibility of new technology-based business models were results we delivered, with over 70 technical certifications in cloud and another 500 in training. Our team of digital strategists added more consistency and robustness to our delivery capacity, aligning each Cloud Services Providers’ uniqueness to our client demands. We looked for vulnerabilities, competitive disadvantages of clients big and small, to which our Cloud Partners’ services provided real value solutions and accelerate their business. 

We built customer success stories and our monthly bookings grew substantially. Our offerings brought us 20 new deals including industry leaders as LIQ, TAG IMF, Banco Carrefour, Banco BV, Boa Vista Serviços, to name only a few. 

But then comes a second question, outwards driven. How did we accelerate our customers’ time to value?

We always worked hard at BRQ to find the best route to success, working in a singular fashion, because we start our quest with a deep dive in multiple technologies, what is the best and most promising offers in terms of digital transformation. 

Once engaged with a prospect, we did not act as sales pushers, but as a Trusted Advisor, above all. This opens up our clients minds and hearts to share with us their challenges and business demands. Then we can drive their digital transformation using Cloud Services Providers’ cloud technologies like no other! 

But that is only the beginning. When we expanded from INFRASTRUCTURE offering to Business Requirements Analysis, Application Modernization, Cloud Native Application Development, providing an END TO END CLOUD SOLUTIONS ENVIRONMENT. 

Sometimes we need to be objective and versatile, and a simple and quick approach also works. For some customers pressured by time and resources, VMWare on the Cloud was a hit, and we had several successes. Those customers realized it is a fast, low risk strategy for Cloud Migration, with many benefits immediately available for them. In some other cases, a very complex migration assessment was required, coupled with a complex plan involving data, analytics and application review. 

Now going to the Business Partners side – how did our organization effectively engage with the providers’ team throughout the year? 

Our direct sales team performed relentless biweekly customer success cadences with the top account managers to ensure our projects would run smoothly, one customer at a time, and others on a regular basis, finding mutual synergies and client entry points. Our Partnerships & Alliances team conducted weekly cadence calls with focus on new leads identified, certifications pipeline, connecting with experts from the business partner side, working to build the best Architecture by also developing top skills. 

On the Sales Planning front we took front stage participation in Account Planning with some partners in a few selected clients. We also completed all requirements and applied successfully for the Google Infrastructure Specialization as the year of 2021 closed. We prepared all items to be reviewed and also renewed the AWS MSP program tier. With Microsoft and Azure we hope to soon announce to the market a new accomplishment, that adds to our expertise and partner tier. 

In summary, with the merge, what used to be “BMSIX” jumped from a Cloud Offerings organization comprised of 80 people to a massive organization with over 3,000+ experts in all fields, with BRQ’s proven experience, high technical skills and commitment to deliver excellence in Infrastructure, Application Development, Advanced Analytics, Customer Experience, Reference Architecture and Frameworks. We went from 50 cloud certifications to 400, and another 500 employees being trained in cloud Technologies. BRQ combines a proprietary Framework that assures success in any IT-related field, As result we are able to accelerate even further the digital journey of enterprise customers. 

Our empathy and our customer-centric focus that leads us to seek deep understanding of their challenges and business demands. And we can drive their digital transformation using cloud Technologies like no other! 

So we encourage you all to know more about our Cloud Service Providers partnerships, to make 2022/2023 the best year ever, with many more success stories, Cheers

Marcos Rittner, Business Director at BRQ