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As technology becomes one of the greatest boosters for innovation and competitiveness, C-level management has been looking for specialized talent to join their staff.

If the idea is to bring not only the right professionals for your business routine, but also efficient methodologies and focus on innovation and results, BRQ’s Managed Squads are the perfect choice for an increasingly digital market.

In this article we will show how the Managed Squads are the best option to transform a business digitally, making the best use of the potential of this new era. Check it out!

What are the Managed Squads?

They are teams from BRQ specialized in technology. Professionals highly capable in the development and implementation of strategies and tools which transform digital solutions into practical results for the company – including greater efficiency, cost reduction, data intelligence, productive dynamism, among others.

These teams are formed by employees already familiar with the agile culture, working on different fronts that plan and execute high performance transformation plans, addressing   the needs of your business

But how does this process work? When you contract our services, BRQ immerses itself in your routine, understanding the pains, objectives and opportunities that may be addressed in a technological bias. From there, we form a Managed Squad that precisely meets your needs with the right professionals.

Then this team is introduced to the productive chain of your company, focusing on results and value delivery in relation to the defined goals. With our flexibility and management efficiency added to your management style, the Managed Squad becomes an autonomous cell, but completely aligned and connected to the business strategy

Why should you hire the BRQ Managed Squads?

Focus on results

BRQ’s philosophy is to use technology as a starting point for real transformation, delivering quality and results that exceed the client’s expectations.

That is why our management of squads always focuses on the value the team delivers to the business, which is measured, analyzed and adapted to our management routines so that there is a continuous and exponential improvement.

Agility in the strategy

This agility is one of BRQ’s advantages: our process of surveying, creating and deploying squads is quite accelerated, allowing you to start new strategies in a short time – without losing the quality of service

Proprietary Framework

The Managed Squads operate with their own frameworks based on Lean and Agile management and Software Engineering, already consolidated and ready to be put into practice.

The frameworks operate as a reference guide, that allows you to build strategies, structure steps, delegate responsibilities and put plans into practice as soon as possible. 

Increased productivity

You are not only including more labor in your routine. A Managed Squad brings innovative experiences in relation to technology and how to work with it.

Over time, this philosophy of innovation and constant improvement overflows to your internal team – something that comes naturally from the interaction between the teams. In addition to achieving specific goals, Managed Squads leave a more effective and intelligent productivity as a legacy.

Management efficiency

The management of squads is performed by BRQ with focus on agile methods. From their performance, they can ensure that the deliveries are made according to the deadlines and needs of the business

We also have a monitoring tool called Team Care, that through customizable dashboards, provides all the necessary metrics for the management of agile teams, promoting transparency for the customers. This way, you will have much more time to manage the environment alongside BRQ.  

Technology domain

All the teams formed by BRQ are designed to offer as much knowledge and technological expertise as possible for your business. After surveying the needs and establishing the goals, we form a team that combines the talents that best fit your needs.

This domain is reflected in the suggestion, planning and execution of strategies focusing on technology. We want to develop and/or acquire solutions and tools that bring real Digital Transformation to your business.

After analyzing all these advantages, it is easy to opt for the Managed Squads, highly efficient and innovative teams focused on results

To learn more about our work and how we help companies on their Digital Transformation journeys, I invite you to visit the BRQ website and contact us.

Cristiano Burg — Technology Executive Manager at BRQ