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Get to know how BRQ’s BPO automation solution Atend Channels can boost your business in this success story

The inefficiency of personal service processes is one of the company’s main obstacles. Lines are indeed part of our everyday life, to buy bread, pay a bill, or for a consultation at a hospital, but nobody likes to wait in line.

The goal of BRQ Digital Solutions is to transform businesses digitally and help with the implementation of innovative solutions. For this reason, the company decided to invest, through Innovation Hub, its corporate venture, in a services management platform that allows transforming manual routines into digital processes: Workfacilit.

The platform has operational modules which communicate and integrate with other peripheral applications and equipment using communication buses (a system that transfers data between computers). It operates in service management, productivity control, and real-time monitoring through videos and control panels. All this to make communication via chats, messages, and alerts more practical and integrated.

Atend Channels by Workfacilit uses technology to manage queues, offering appropriate tools and methodology to improve the customer’s in-person experience.   

One of the largest BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies in Brazil saw in Atend Channels an opportunity to add value to its services and, through a business partnership, included it in its product mix.

As we will see below, the tool was vital in optimizing the services provided by the company, bringing gain in the organization, visibility, and intelligence to scheduling operations and the in-person service journey. Keep reading and learn more about this successful case!

The challenges in scheduling and the in-person service journey

Although in-person service is part of the routine in several businesses, there is great difficulty in adequately providing this service, for example, balancing the company’s abilities, the needs of the users, and regulatory issues.

Today, we can still find companies underestimating the relevance and the technical depth that in-person service requires. They often believe that this task consists of offering numbers and organizing people’s order of service – which is not what it is.

However, although organization and agility in in-person service are impactful points, this journey goes beyond. It is a strategic process that requires evaluating a series of variables and criteria, which is not always possible when the necessary tools and expertise are unavailable.  

Today, many companies struggle to manage their in-person service, wasting vital resources, such as time, space, and workforce. This is why leaders and managers have opted for the BPO services, solving most of these challenges. 

The client’s scenario before the BPO automation solution

BRQ’s client offers its customers all the technical and operational equipment to perform in-person service, ranging from the offer of personnel to the administrative part, directly related to the use of technology and support tools for customer service. And this is where BRQ is present in the company’s trajectory.

Through this partnership, the company raised the quality of BPO services offered, increasing the value of offers, the efficiency of the activities, and the quality of in-person assistance. All that with the innovation, technology, and intelligence offered by Atend Channels.

In the initial phase of the project, there wasn’t a tool that offered a larger view of all service processes performed by the company. With Atend Channels, it was possible to improve the intelligence of customer’s reception.  

Before, there were LED panels that were in charge of sequencing queues. Customer service was to receive customers and place them to be called sequentially. However, this model did not deliver all the efficiency the company needed and would like to offer to its customers.   

Important steps such as user identification and service requests were the base for the service so that people were strategically directed according to the expertise and skills of the attendants. Thus, people would be welcomed by professionals who could solve their demands and offer the best possible experience.  

Atend Channels was also fundamental to identify and remove customers who needed simple services from the main queues, such as a duplicate copy of a document.

The results of the partnership with BRQ

Focusing on the intelligent use of information and data from customer service, Atend Channels aggregates a series of differentials from the point of view of the in-person customer. This case is a great example.

Next, we highlight some of these differentials, which were determinant to obtaining these results with the client company. Check them out!

One of the BPO automation solution’s main differentials is the centralization of resources and functionalities. That is, the organization that uses it has everything it needs in only one tool:

  • Optimization of the service process​;
  • Increase the satisfaction rate to 99%​;
  • Reduction of the average handle time (AHT) from 15 min to 5 min;
  • Reduction of the average wait time (AWT) from 12 min to 4 min;
  • Increase in the value proposition​;
  • Identification and acceleration of queues by directing the customers according to the service they needed

All these functionalities are integrated into the platform, something we cannot find in other available tools, which demand the collective use of several solutions, one for each function.

What are the differentials of Atend Channels?

Real-time monitoring

The platform notifies everything that is happening in the service operation in real-time. It has dashboards and panels from where the companies can monitor all the events and control the maximum waiting time.

No installation required

Another differential of the solution is that it does not require installation on the devices on which it will be used. All resources are accessible via a browser without any prior action.

This way, from a simple link, the attendant has access to the complete platform, including the equipment, the ‘opinion meter’ for survey research, the totem for password generation, and other resources.

Measurement of results

Atend Channels platform also provides reports with several indicators that help measure the results of the service operations.

This success story could also be your company’s

This success story proves BRQ Digital Solutions’ competence in accelerating businesses. With innovative solutions like its BPO automation platform Atend Channels, BRQ offers tested and approved products to support its customers’ Digital Transformation journeys.

Our team of specialists can structure the best way for companies to innovate and enhance results from an expanded business vision and methodology.

Would you like to be BRQ’s next success story? Contact us and take the first step towards your company’s Digital Transformation!