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Learn more about the successful case in which BRQ helped one of the largest telecom companies in Brazil with the automation of data transmission.

Companies in different segments are adapting themselves to the new digital era. Digital Transformation in Telecom began many years ago, and large companies have constantly been looking into modernizing processes to bring more agility and efficiency to their businesses.

With more than 60 million customers, one of the Brazilian telecom giants must follow strict industry regulations. They need to be in constant communication with Anatel (National Communication Agency) to ensure the company’s transparency.  

The company periodically sends information to the regulatory agency quickly, effectively, and securely. However, it hasn’t always been like that; the process was highly bureaucratic before.  

With a relationship of trust built on many years of partnership, the company went to BRQ seeking the best solution to the challenge. Continue reading this article and learn more about another success story by BRQ!

The challenge

As part of the telecommunications sector, one of the client company’s responsibilities is regularly sending reports to Anatel. A series of information about the company’s network must be shared with the regulatory agency to ensure transparency in the provision of services.

Failure to comply with the provision of information can generate a series of fines and penalties and even damage the company’s reputation.

Although fundamental, the process can be quite laborious and bureaucratic. Before BRQ’s solution was implemented, information was delivered the following way:

  • The regional divisions of the company collected the information of the locations they were responsible for and passed it onto the regulatory sector  
  • Then the area gathered all data sent by all the regionals into a single document
  • After the document was created, the information was sent to Anatel

In addition to being manual, the process is repetitive because this information must be regularly sent. A team was dedicated exclusively only to this task due to the regularity and high frequency of the deliveries, a scenario that created high costs and low performance.

Our client’s challenge was evident: to automate data sending to Anatel.

How was the solution created?

The client began the transformation process with the help of BRQ. The solution was the development of a portal for Anatel to be able to check the required information online. Before the start of the project, it was necessary to carry out a more in-depth analysis work.  

Vanderli Santos, the project coordinator for BRQ, explained the process of creating the solution:

‘BRQ participated in the entire survey of the project’s needs, the history of the product, and the requisites required for this new solution. Our job is not only to do what the client asks but also to understand the problem and propose a solution that generates more value for what they need’.

This way, the SMART Anatel model was created. It is a system of management and planning of networks that provides all information required by the regulatory agency in an automated way. The client company can visualize and alter data in an automated way, while Anatel can access the system in reading mode and check all the details.

How have specialized teams made improvements with Team Care?

Using agile methodologies throughout the process, the BRQ squad counted on a great ally: the Team Care BRQ. This metrics management platformsimplifies and organizes information from governance tools to measure team performance.

Team Care, a solution developed by the Innovation Hub from BRQ, provides productivity and quality data and end-to-end management of the flow indicators, with robust operational performance and consolidated metrics in the agile community. The tool also allows integration with several platforms, such as Jira (Server and Cloud), Azure DevOps, SonarQube, Jenkins, and customized tools, simplifying the filters and visualization of updated data in real-time. Team Care reads and organizes various information without affecting the source data or recording sensitive business information.  

André Mariani, project manager for BRQ, praises the impact of the tool for agile project governance:

“Team Care was essential to the project. Not only to monitor and improve our team’s performance but also to ensure the customer initiates an internal transformation process. It was a tool used to present and highlight the importance of metrics. After all, what is not being measured cannot be improved.’

The solution informs relevant project statistics and indicators from the time required on each step of the project to what did not work so well. Team Care gathers data that matters, allowing BRQ and the client to analyze it more precisely and make better decisions.

What were the results obtained?

The SMART Anatel was produced within the time and cost frame and according to all requirements made by the client company, using BRQ’s Agile Framework. First, the result obtained was the robustness and legal security that the company needed to comply with all requirements from Anatel. All that was made possible from a process automation solution that optimizes team performance.  

For Cristiane Pinheiro, from the Business Support area of the Telecom company, the results obtained with the solution created by BRQ were much higher than the initial demand. Using metrics through Team Care and agile methodologies optimized the entire project. The result also served as a small sample of how agile culture can be efficient:

“The meetings were punctual, short, and productive. The deliveries were on time or previously rescheduled. We required the same from our teams: punctuality and commitment. This way, the partnership worked: our project was delivered on time and with high added value.’

How can your company access improvements like these?

This success story is one of the many examples that show how Digital Transformation is increasingly important for the success of organizations – no matter the markets they are inserted into.

BRQ Digital Solutions has been on the market for 28 years and has consolidated itself as one of the largest technology companies in Brazil, promoting a Digital Transformation journey for major brands in different segments searching for innovation.

This diversity of performance brings a more consistent vision of business challenges. It translates into an end-to-end services platform capable of performing in the different stages of the digital journey.

Counting on strategic partners, both international solutions manufacturers and B2B startups BRQ invested in, the company boosts innovation, maximizes productivity, and speeds up value delivery for a better customer experience.

Now that you have learned more about BRQ, how about taking the next step to accelerate the transformation of your company? Contact us, access our solutions, and contribute to the development of your company.